The community of the International Image Interoperability Framework™ has developed two standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to open up the access for research to high-resolution images via the internet and the data sharing between worldwide image repositories. Work in progress: this site offers access to the digitized objects via the IIIF-APIs and Mirador, an image viewer and a research workspace. 2.206.144 out of 1.5 million retrodigitized works (public domain) are provided in a IIIF compliant way - initially the images and later on it is planned to provide also full texts, if available. Here you can find i.a. digitized medieval manuscripts (approx. 4,000) and incunabula (8,000), more than 1,000,000 newspaper issues and approx. 3,100 East Asian books and manuscripts.

For further information:
  • Read here how to work with Mirador.
  • Information for developers about the usage of our APIs.
  • Examples of third party IIIF services see here.

Found 2,216,915 object(s).

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